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About Mark Exhaust
Mark Exhaust is a leading manufacturer and global supplier of automobile components. As a progressive company we are defined by our stable lineage, consistent financial growth, quality reputation and customer orientation.

Mark Exhaust is today an end to end auto components solution provider. We work with an impressive list of clients which includes both leading auto companies in India and Europe. By capitalizing on our in-house strengths, we have successfully nurtured relationships with many European OEM and aftermarket leaders. An initiative to provide warehousing and assembly facilities in the UAE further cements our position as an exporter. This helps reduce logistical constraints and allows for reduced lead time which enables our customers to have a more flexible ordering schedule.

Our journey to success has been realized through our strategic technical collaborations, our manufacturing prowess, customer orientation and quality delivery.
At a Glance
- An end to end auto components   solution provider
- Defined by its customer orientation and   focus on quality 
- Experienced consistent financial   growth
- A dedicated work force of 700   employees
- Highly recognized by customers and   partners
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