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Code of Conduct
The code of conduct serves as a guide for our daily business interactions, reflecting our standards for proper behavior and our corporate values.

In our relationships with each other, we strive to:

    Have successful working relationships
    Promote open and honest communications
    Value people as our greatest resource

In our dealings with outside business entities, we strive to:

    Deal ethically with suppliers and customers
    Not give or accept inappropriate gifts
    Respect the trade secrets and confidential information of others

In our dealings with our customers, we strive to:

    Set highest standards for our products
    Be responsive to our customers

In our dealing with the Government and the Law, we strive to:

    Comply with regulatory compliance, monitoring and reporting
    Political non-alignment
    Deal ethically with government and its representatives
    Preserve records according to the law

In our dealings with society, we strive to:

    Oppose exploitative, inhumane labor practices
    Safeguard and protect the environment

In our relationship with shareholders, we strive to:

    Practic good corporate governance to protect shareholder value
    Maintain strong audit programs to increase interest and confidence
    Keep shareholders informed about the company and other developments
At a Glance
- To be a leader in our segment
- Committed to achieving global   standards of:
       - Co-workers
       - Business entities
       - Customers
       - Government and Law
       - Society
       - Shareholders
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