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You can build a career with a company that's setting the pace
For more than 16 years, Mark Exhaust has been setting and raising the bar in the auto components manufacturing industry. As we grow both in India and globally and diversify into new business areas, we have a steady need for ambitious and focused individuals who are looking for a professional work environment that will foster their growth and help them to perform to their potential.

You'll discover real growth opportunities
We believe that our employees are our core asset and we are committed to their growth and development. We encourage our employees to develop new skills through specialized training programs that help them to be aware and updated on the best practices around the globe.

Mark Exhaust offers its employees in-house training programs and encourages cross functional teams at different levels to enhance employee knowledge and competencies through customized programs.

Our relationship with employees is based on mutual trust and respect. Our culture is one of teamwork, honesty, integrity, respect and transparent communication that has played a pivotal role in the development of win-win relationships.
At a Glance
- An opportunity to build your career with   a leader
- We are committed to the growth of our   employees
- In-house training program to enhance   and build professional skills
- A culture built on trust and respect
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