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The Indian automobile industry is the 10th largest in the world. The industry is poised for growth with the projection of the number of cars sold in India expected to double by 2010.

The Indian auto component manufacturing industry is also headed for a whopping 18% growth in the coming years. Global auto majors are increasingly seeing India as a manufacturing hub for auto components and are rapidly increasing the amounts of components they source from India due to their cost competitiveness in terms of labor and raw material.

Mark Exhaust is a leading auto components solution provider with an impressive list of clients which includes both leading auto companies in India and Europe.

Our products include:
•    2 Wheeler Exhaust               •    Fitting Kits & Flanges
•    4 Wheeler Exhaust               •    Replacement Cats
                                                       for European Market
•    Door Sash                            •    Stationery Engine Exhausts
•    Stampings                            •    Brake Pads
•    Welded Assemblies             •    Machined Components
•    2 Wheeler Frame Parts        •    Sliding Door Assembly
•    Exhaust Manifold                  •    Tubular Assembly
At a Glance
- Indian automobile industry is poised   for growth
- We deliver to a global market
- An end to end products portfolio
- Focus on the growing infrastructure   market 
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