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Commitment to Our people » Training
Our people are our most important asset and we invest considerable resources to provide on-going training that builds and extends professional, technical and management skills in all areas.

The training programs help our employees in being up to date with global best practices that are followed in the auto manufacturing industry. Our in-house training programs like 5-S, Quality circles and cross functional teams at different levels are aimed at enhancing their knowledge levels and competencies. 
The Personal Department creates a training calendar after identifying needs. These trainings are directed towards productivity improvement, quality improvement, maintenance improvement and general team building exercises.


At a Glance
- To be a leader in our segment
- A committed player
- Cornerstone of our business success:        - Manufacturing prowess
       - Quality focus
       - Research and development
       - Testing Lab
       - Design Engineering
- World class people practices
- An environmentally responsible   company
       - Proud recipient of the ISO 14001          environmental management
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