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As a leader in the auto components industry, Mark Exhaust is committed to delivering best-in-class products to its clients across the globe.

Our consistent track record of delivering world class technology is evidence of our close working relationships with our partners. Mark Exhaust joins hands with the best known companies in the industry to leverage their technology expertise and global exposure. Our partners equip us with enhanced capabilities for servicing a global market.

Mark Exhaust is proud of its partnerships. We share a common vision with our partners of excellence and sustainable growth that ensures our joint progress.

Growth of our Partner Network:

1995: Mark Exhaust entered into a technical collaboration with M/s Sankei of Japan, a leading manufacturer of exhaust systems for producing Exhaust Systems and Catalytic Convertors for Maruti Suzuki. In the year 2001 Mark Exhaust furthered the relationship with M/s Sankei to commence manufacturing of the door sash - a critical sheet metal part requiring high degree of accuracy and precision.
2004: Mark Exhaust forged a partnership with M/s Dongwon, Korea. This partnership provided us with valuable exposure and experience in metal forming, bending and surface finishing technologies.
2005: Mark Exhaust entered into a License agreement with M/S Futaba of Japan for the manufacture of Maniverter or Euro 3 Catalytic Converter for our principal customer Maruti Udyog Limited; giving us the opportunity to become a full exhaust system solution provider.
At a Glance
- Partnerships with the best known   companies in the industry
- Strengthens our delivery to a global   market
- Shared vision that ensures our joint   progress
- Partners include:

    - M/s Sankei Industry Co. Ltd
    - M/s Dongwon Metal Co. Ltd
    - M/s Futaba Industrial Co. Ltd
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